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Cbg gm forex daily rates

The Gambia Financial System has evolved rapidly over the last several years, and is markedly liberalised now. Most interest rates are cbg gm forex daily rates determined, direct controls have been eliminated, exchange controls abolished and the country has moved to indirect system of monetary controls using open market operations. These measures increased competition in the domestic financial system. Until the middle of the nineteenth century the recognised method of payment in The Gambia was by Cowrie Shells.

The earliest forms of “coin” were brass or copper rods and sometimes metal tokens. By 1880 silver coins, mainly in the form of French 5 Franc pieces, were in general use. To Achieve and Maintain Price and Exchange Stability Underpinned by a Sound and Vibrant Financial System to Encourage and Promote Sustainable Economic Development. Benchmark Exchange Rate guided by prevailing market rates shall be published daily on the CBG website: www. The Reference Rate shall serve as a guide to the FX market operators in order to promote transparency and efficiency in the domestic FX Market.

Failure to comply with the CBG Foreign Exchange Guidelines shall attract sanctions as may be determined by the Bank. The Central Bank of The Gambia wishes to assure the operators in the FX Market and the general public of its resolve to promote and maintain market orderliness. Central Bank of The Gambia met on Wednesday May 30, 2018 to assess the performance, risks and outlook of the domestic and the global economy. The Committee decided on the key policy rate and the following are highlights of the deliberations on key economic indicators that informed the Committee’s decision. Since the last MPC, the global economy continues to strengthen supported by increased trade flows and higher investment, accommodative monetary policy, and recovery in commodity prices. Strong economic growth in emerging market and developing economies and robust recovery in advanced economies are expected to continue in 2018. In February, 2015, the Central Bank of The Gambia announced that the new family of Gambian Banknotes including a new D200 banknote will be issued on the 30th March, 2015.

Due to delay in the receipt of publicity materials from the printers, the issue into circulation of these banknotes is now slated for 15th April, 2015. A nationwide sensitization campaign in connection with the issue into circulation of the new family of Gambian banknotes and proper handling of banknotes will commence on the 13th April, 2015. Government of The Gambia received approval to introduce New Redesigned Family of Gambian Circulation Notes. The change was aimed at reducing the sizes of the national currency notes to achieve efficiency and take advantage of technological developments in the currency industry.

The new notes also have advanced security features that would make counterfeiting difficult. The D20 Polymer will be put into circulation on Monday 02nd March, 2015 while the series of redesigned banknotes will be issued on Monday March 30, 2015. The Golden Jubilee Commemorative Gold and Gold Plated Coins will also be available for sale on Monday 02nd March, 2015. Float Size Projection for Q4 2016 Finals 1. Central Bank Act 2005 An ACT to amend and consolidate the law relating to the Central Bank of The Gambia and to provide for related matters. This Act may be cited as the Central Bank of The Gambia Act, 2005 and comes into force on such date as the Secretary of State may, by order published in the Gazette, appoint.

Financial Statements The Bank adopted all new and revised or amended standards ond interpretations issued by the IASB and the IFRIC applicable to the Bank’s operations and to annual reporting periods beginning on or after 1st January 2008. Banking Industry in The Gambia Banking in The Gambia began over a 100 years. Currently there are fourteen banks within the industry of which one is an Islamic Bank and thirteen conventional commercial banks. Insurance Industry in The Gambia The regulation and supervision of insurance business was directly under the Ministry of Finance as empowered by the 1974 Act. However, the responsibility for the administration of the Act was given to the Ministry of Justice, to ensure compliance. Sep 10-year T-notes down -16 ticks. Jun 10-year T-notes down -8 ticks.

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