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Computer setup for forex trading

Make the switch to a multiple monitor setup quickly and easily with our range of multi-monitor computers, multiple screen stands and monitors, all delivered to you in a stress free, ready to go straight out of the box package. We are experts at building multiple monitor capable computers and offer a range of PC and monitor arrays dedicated to this task. We specialise in just one area to ensure that you get the best possible performance from your equipment, whatever your budget. Learn computer setup for forex trading about our new website dedicated to Trading and Technology, launched Feb 2018.

8th Gen Coffee Lake CPUs A delayed launch sees Intel’s Coffee Lake processors arrive with big performance jumps. Once we have your order we will custom build your new array or PC using only the best quality parts available. Multiple Monitors Support Area Looking for support on your Multiple Monitors PC or Monitor Array? Experience our support area now to view support articles or to request help with a specific issue.

Very well put together – many thanks. The new 6 screen trading station is brilliant, well worth the money and a great investment. It has made my job much easier. Just a quick email to say my triple screen system arrived yesterday and it looks great. IF NOT, READ OUR PRIMER ON MONITOR TYPES AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.

Below is a list of active matrix technology LCD panel types in mass production today. The lowest cost and most widely sold LCD panel type. Color reproduction and contrast ratios of TN panels are not as good as VA or IPS panels. TN panels only produce 6-bit color. TN panels attempt to produce 8-bit color using a process called dithering. For watching the markets, however, they work fine. The monitors we offer are TN monitors.