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Cross tabulate in stata forex

Stata’s default directory in your computer’s hard drive. It is very useful for experimenting with commands. The above command creates cross tabulate in stata forex dummy variables, one for each race category. Step 3Table 2 above shows summary statistics for only a subset of variables.

To obtain these statistics, simply type summarize followed by the names of the variables for which you want summary statistics. Step 4The naive way to insert these results into a table would be to copy the output displayed in the Stata results window and paste them in a word processor or spreadsheet. Stata offers a way to bypass this tedium. This produces a nice enough table. For a little more bells and whistles, refer to this do-file.

That is, you need separate columns for various subsamples. What if you want to display standard deviations in their own columns? Refer to this do-file for more detail. Step 5Run the regression specified in Step 3. M9 1a8 8 0 1 0 0 16A8 8 0 0 0 9 1zm. Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career.

M9 1a8 8 0 1 0 0 16A8 8 0 0 0 9 1zM8 15. I don’t know if Stata can do this but I use the tabulate command a lot in order to find frequencies. I was wondering if I can do sort of the inverse of this operation. Is there a command that does this? Your question contains its own answer.

So, you need to be able to do that. Usually some data manipulations would be required to get to that point. Depending on details, there may be partial exceptions e. I have no idea what you’re saying to be honest. I want to know if there is a command that instead of telling me the frequency, I can put in the frequency and it will give me the value for the group. Which part of “check out groups from SSC” did you not understand?