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Liquidate lots as you go to lock in profits. For example, open trade forex girl 3 lots. At first target, close 1 lot. Close another lot at second target, and the last one at the third target.

She openly sought advice for ways to exit the market such that she could maximize her trading profit. Close the 1st lot at 10-30 pips profit, depending on the speed of the move. Move a stop loss for the remaining lots to the breakeven point. Close the 2nd lot at 30-50 pips. On the 4th lot, trail using the extreme of the previous bar, or the halfway point of the previous bar if it’s longer than the average bar.

The exception to this is if the trade is taking a long time to move and the market is flat. If I have entered and the market has not moved for some hours I will move down to a 5 mins bar to take a quicker exit rather than let it hit the initial stop. Cara trading disini menggunakan strategi BGX sytem untuk menentukan Open position dan exit . Klik kanan bidang grafik, maka akan muncul options. Anda sekarang memiliki garis WMA 5 warna Biru. Lakukan hal yang sama untuk membuat garis WMA 20 warna oranye dan garis WMA 100 warna hijau. Klik kanan bidang grafik, akan muncul options.

Anda ini sehingga Anda tidak perlu mengatur setting-annya setiap kali login. Untuk menghapus, mengedit mengatur dsb Anda bisa lakukan dengan cara yang sama. RSI berada di bawah point 50. Bila suatu saat WMA 5 mengcross WMA 20 dari atas ke bawah pada titik harga 1. Girls Gone Forex was born out of the desire to empower women to be great in everything that they choose to do, especially finance and investments. Women are grossly underrepresented in the Forex industry and financial markets in general.

However it has been proven that women tend to trade and invest better than men. Forex market in order to build strong women, strong communities and  create a legacy for their families. Forex Essentials is a 6 week course designed to help prospective Forex traders understand the fundamentals of the Forex market and Forex trading. GGFX Prep School is an 8 week Forex course that teaches you the fundamentals and core strategies for trading in the Forex Market.

GGFX University is an 10 week course that teaches you advanced strategies for trading in the Forex Market including trading plan development. 403 Forbidden Request forbidden by administrative rules. Join and share videos, music and pictures, follow friends and collect media! Why you’ll NEVER make money trading Forex. JPY is very volatile pair of currency like I mentioned before. For some reason I feel I want to trade that pair.

Yesterday,  I spotted that short formation  before my bed time. I was hesitating a little bit because I don’t like to have open position when I sleep. I like to have control over my position and see what is going on on the market. But this formation was showing bearish divergence on 30 min and 1h. That would mean the potential for a move more than 50 pips. JPY shows the formation it is always RELIABLE!