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Forex price action webinar providers

12 months of personal one-on-one consulting mentorship mutually arranged through “Go to Meeting”. Includes all of theĀ  studies, files, and recorded webinars as given in forex price action webinar providers Full Package.

Personal one-on-one consulting mentorship restricted to 15 hours total mutually arranged through “Go to Meeting” over a 12 month term. Highly technical or lengthy email responses count towards the 15 hour consultant time limitation. Client references available and encouraged, 2. Consultant-Client Terms and Conditions Contract Required, 3. Credit Cards accepted with prevailing card processing merchant fees added, 4. The “Light” Package is only available to new clients signed from January 2018 and later.

Previous clients have a “Full Package” Terms Contract in force. OTR average trading range and volatility. Spreads are cheap to margin overnight and carry – and the idea is to not enrich your broker and the exchange. I encourage my clients NOT to day trade. The important caveat here, however, is that as the trade unfolds over time and works in the market, we find that for a significant percentage of our losses our indicator package takes us out of losers before the stop-loss level originally set at trade entry is reached. Additionally, I encourage clients to schedule individual webinars with me in order to review their paper trading performance and ways to improve their trade selections. Spread combination construction and the selection of products and expiries is a really big deal – I would rate it as more important than the indicator package in terms of good trade selection.

In addition to providing the programmed . Finally, over the course of several years from my observations I find a direct correlation between the effort and time the client takes during the spread construction and paper trading phase of the program to have a strong correlation to his relative success using the strategy for himself in the live markets. If someone hires a mentor or educator and just expects to be gifted with an ATM with very little effort on his part – then again that person will never succeed. If that sounds like you, please don’t waste your money and my time. The secret is that there is no secret. Every successful trader works his ass off at it.

Over the past few years in particular, we have accumulated a number of both individual and group webinar recordings where we review live and paper trade set-ups, clients review their performance metrics, and we construct spread combinations and talk about many topics like correlation analysis and execution. I also record special instructional webinars on a solo basis where I present specific topics, concepts and materials. So, there is a much larger body of work that the new client receives in terms of background materials and instruction than there was just a couple years ago. As of January 2018, it typically takes a new client anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks just to initially review the new materials. I received a response from a third party regarding the disputed statement so I am sharing it here. I’m not reopening this thread for further responses, but will continue to post opinions from emails sent to me by other third parties should they arrive.