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Is Nigeria forex trading at home association nursing for nuclear energy? The straightforward answer is a qualified yes. For a country that will be the third most populous nation on earth by 2050, the energy needs of close to 300 million people will require harnessing nuclear power to support other energy sources.

When our population doubles, how are we going to get the requisite energy to power our industries, drive our electricity-dependent transportation systems, as well as our domestic use and meet other energy needs? Is it from Egbin where gas shortfalls caused by saboteurs hinder full electricity production? Is it from Kainji where water level rises one day and falls the next day? We are late already and over-ripe so we need to rush to harness nuclear power. However, there is the need to be clearheaded about the security implications of the location and the running of a nuclear power plant. The menacing threat of Boko Haram is an issue with regard to location. The Niger Delta militants can pose a threat and without adequate security, rogue cows from some herdsmen can stray into the nuclear power plant and cause mayhem.

I take consolation in the fact that the endorsement of the International Atomic Energy Agency for Nigeria to proceed on the nuclear route will factor in all these security implications. Last point to note, since 2004, we have been nursing the idea for the deployment of nuclear power for generation of electricity. This has been on course since 2015 and we are to partner Russia in the construction and operation of four nuclear power plants by 2035. We should march on stoutly along this track.

I would say yes and no. Yes in the sense that nuclear energy will provide a shortcut for cheap and affordable electricity which can drive Nigeria’s development. However, the essential ingredients for nuclear energy are also the essential ingredients for nuclear weapons. I will not say that Nigeria is ripe for nuclear power in the sense of developing weapons because I do not consider it necessary for Nigeria to acquire nuclear power for such purposes when we do not have foes to fight with nuclear weapons. Also, the cost of acquiring nuclear power when compared to the needs of Nigeria makes its acquisition at this point unjustifiable. So, for now, the country should focus on developing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes such as the generation of electricity for domestic and industrial use.