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Forex trading in kenya answers

The Authority’ on Price Action Trading. In 2016, Nial won the Million Dollar Trader Competition. These trading setups are simple yet very powerful, and forex trading in kenya answers you learn to trade them with discipline and patience you will have a very potent Forex trading edge.

However, you can learn some good basics in this article to lay the foundation for future learning. It has a very high accuracy rate in trending markets and especially when occurring at a confluent level. Pin bars occurring at important support and resistance levels are generally very accurate setups. Also, note that this uptrend began on the back of two bullish pin bars that brought an end to the existing downtrend. The fakey trading strategy is another bread and butter price action setup.

It indicates rejection of an important level within the market. In the chart below we can see the market was recently moving higher before the fakey formed. It shows a brief consolidation and then a break out in the dominant trend direction. Inside bars are best played on daily and weekly charts. They allow for very small risks and yet very large rewards. The inside bar strategy combined with a very strongly trending market is one of my favorite price action setups.

EURUSD inside bar trade setup that has come off to the downside with the existing bearish market momentum. We can see a nice inside bar setup formed just after the market broke down below a key support level, the setup has since come off significantly lower and is still falling towards the next support at 1. As you can see from the three examples above, Forex trading does not have to be complicated or involve plastering messy and confusing indicators all over your charts. I am so grateful to you giving me valid information which will help me.