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Forex trading off daily charts

Rumors that US forex trading off daily charts data will be very strong . Growth in Europe stays solid . GBP holding onto post service PMi gains.

11695-85 strong mag area too above it sell . Services PMI For May 2018 gains beating expections. EZ, GE and FR final Service PMIs minor revisions for May 2018. Continued share buy backs of tech stocks sending Nasdaq to new record highs . ECB buying mega amounts of German bunds just doesn’t make sense . Exiting the EURO would just cost to much money .

Better stay in the club and spend the clubs money . AT not working on time frames less than daily? High-Low-Close data for more than a dozen currency pairs for over seventeen years of data in an Excel spreadsheet format. Facebook,” adding “This needs to be investigated and the people responsible need to be held accountable. ECB doing voodoo with bond purchases . Less Italy , more Germany . The spring run up into Memorial Day is done.

US is producing record amt of Crude — most of which was sold forward during the price rise. Bank of England interest-rate setter Silvana Tenreyro said on Tuesday that she expected borrowing costs to rise gradually but the timing of when rates would start to go up was an open question. USA have to borrow this month ? Actionable trading levels delivered to YOUR charts in real-time. We are starting an affiliate program to market some of our products. Send me an email if you would be interested or if you know someone who would like to be an affiliate.