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George c smith forex trader

If you have defective and obsolete models, you will produce incorrect analysis and bad policy every time. There’s no better example of this than the Federal Reserve. The Fed uses the Phillips curve to understand the relationship between unemployment and inflation when 50 years of data say there is no fixed relationship. 18- And Now, for George c smith forex trader Entirely Different: Modern Civil War Without Guns – So Far!

Does our country run the risk of a civil war? Is such a horrible event even possible today? Furthermore, a case can be made that we are already in such a civil war. I received the following via email. The main piece was written by Jack Minzey, a person  I was unfamiliar with. His take on this issue seems unique and accurate!

According to him,  we are already in a Civil War whether  we recognize it or not. What do we all have to fear from a collapse of Deutsche Bank? A shorter list would count what we don’t have to fear from a collapse of Deutsche Bank. DB has had to run decision-making through the Fed for at least the past year. A process that, until now and despite being a publicly traded company using the capital of untold numbers of investors, has been shrouded in total secrecy. The bottom line is this: Deutsche Bank is unequivocally too big to fail. No matter how catastrophic their bad bets have been, no matter how criminal their behavior, they will be bailed out on the backs of taxpayers.