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Isakas indicator forex terbaik

Imagine this, what will it be if these 3 system combine and share their indicators together? Now it is the time for 3 profitable famous system Dolly, Isakas, and Nina to cooperate and combine POWER. In this thread, we will discuss together these 3 combined power and hopefully we can create a perfect entry and later a perfect exit for trading. Everybody is free to do forward test, modify or alter for the sake of improvement.

Q: What are this thread discussing right now? A: EA is under heavy contruction, need your programming skill and forward test, let’s work together. Q: Thanks a lot, I want to do something in return, but how? Q: I want to give thanks for your system, to whom I should give the credits?

Have added ALERTS to Dolly Levels, needs testing but seems to work OK, this should help with ENTRIES with whatever indicator signals or systems are used to provide the TREND, REVERSALS etc. Till DIN is ready I will encourage every trader to spend sometime to study the charts, read the news and plan his trade . Lots of hard work have been done to generate the EA and this is work is free of charge, A way of saying thank you to the people who did the hard work is to give something back. I moved this thread to this Dolly section if the members have nothing against it. Just to keep everything in one place. This EA very good and with BBands_Stop_v1. See, today move picture and ISAKAS indicators.

4, settings icluded in code, TF H1 and M30. I shall start with BBStops and GMACD Signals. I shall call the EA DIN which stands for Dolly, Isakas and Nina. Lets put our hands together and welcome, DIN_EA_v1. BTW, it will not open any trades. STOP LOSS – refers to the last low and high peak lines. ALSO REFER TO EMA 60 LINES.

TRY FOR VIRTUAL IF SUITABLE AND FIXED FOR YOU, ROCK ON LIVE! THANKS TO FXCRUISER – i learned a lots of Heiken Ashi from HAMAPAD. Looks much better with the Trendline. It hits right on the ang_Auto Ch. I am gonna tell the guys.

What’s the differance between this system and one from FXcuriser, Called HAMA PAD. The Kuskus_stop looks like a zigzag with modification and hopefully, it doesn’t repaint. Otherwise, the peak may not always be the peak. On the other hand, the latest HAMA PAD basic indicators are pure Heiken Ashi based, derivative, modification or whatever term will be applicable. I commend Kuskus for seeing beyond Heiken Ashi and make something out it into what could be and it looks like a profitable method.