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MODERN SLAVERY Please click on the link below for our statement on Modern Slavery. CAREERS We strongly believe that the strength of our organisation lies in isig forex factory people.

We are always keen to hear from people who want to work with us. Named the MCX, the new rifle is engineered to optimize performance with the . 300 Blackout cartridge and with suppressors. It’s arrival is perfectly timed with the release of SIG Sauer’s new Elite Performance . 300 AAC Blackout ammunition and SRD suppressors. SIG Sauer Introduces Elite Performance . The SIG MCX features an auto-regulating gas system that allows for seamless transition between firing subsonic and supersonic loads.

Running supersonic loads through a suppressor with the MCX will not damage the firearm or negatively affect reliability. The MCX’s modular design also makes it completely mission-adaptable. 56 NATO only requires the shooter to change out the barrel and op rod, while converting to 7. 62x39mm entails an additional bolt face change.

Barrel lengths can also be adjusted, and 16- and 9-inch versions will be available initially. Notably, the MCX features an innovative recoil assembly that does not require a buffer tube, giving shooters the ability to utilize side-folding stocks. It incorporates a full-length Picatinny top rail for optics and accessories, and SIG’s iron sights come standard. The MCX’s upper is compatible with all Mil-Spec AR-15 lowers and, when paired with a SIG MCX Stock Kit, allows users to fully upgrade their legacy system.