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30,000 inhabitants on the river Raba in southern Poland. The town is located along national roads 94 and 75. The A4 kopalnia bitcoin wiki pl European route E40 also passes to the north of the town. It also has a rail station.

Bochnia is one of the oldest cities of Lesser Poland. Due to its salt mine and favourable location, Bochnia, which belonged to Kraków Voivodeship, was one of main cities of Lesser Poland. In 1561 Bochnia burned down in a fire and its salt deposits were depleted, leading to the town’s decline. In 1655 Bochnia was captured by the Swedes, in 1657 by the Transylvanians, and in 1662, by the Cossacks.

In the 1660s, there were only 54 houses still standing. In 1702, the town was destroyed in the Great Northern War. Fires caused further damage in 1709 and 1751. In the Second Polish Republic, Bochnia belonged to Kraków Voivodeship and was the capital of a county. The town was a small garrison of the Polish Army, with 3rd Silesian Uhlans Regiment stationed here since 1924. In 1944, the 12th Home Army Infantry Regiment was established in Bochnia. In April 1943, Witold Pilecki hid there after his escape from Auschwitz.

In Communist Poland, Bochnia grew larger, with several villages incorporated into the town, mostly in the 1970s. The mine was established between the 12th and 13th centuries after salt was discovered in Bochnia. 1861 to actress Helena Modjeska, builder of 30 major bridges in the USA. Archived from the original on 1 March 2010.