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Koperasi usahawan muda malaysia berhad kuasa forex

IBM brings more than 500 pre-selected foreign buyers every year to partake in personalised and pre-arranged one-to-one business meetings with local manufacturers of halal products and services. Bernama in an interview koperasi usahawan muda malaysia berhad kuasa forex Monday. Zakaria, who is here on a mission to promote the Kuala Lumpur World Halal Week scheduled on April 3-6 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, said over the last nine years, MIHAS has enabled Malaysia to continue recording an increase in its export of halal products and services.

Zakaria said Matrade had always encouraged Malaysian companies and SMEs to market their halal products and services in Indonesia for the benefit of both countries, to the extend that they could eventually venture into opening factories in Indonesia. Indonesia was fast emerging as an important market in the global economy and provided a great potential for the two countries to develop the halal industry within the region together, he said. Indonesia was Malaysia’s 10th largest trading partner in 2012, accounting for 4. In the coming MIHAS 2013, Indonesian exhibitors will represent the largest participation taking up 30 booths while 18 Indonesian companies with 27 representatives will participate in the IBM. Agro Bazaar Kedai Rakyat catat jualan RM7. A place To Share My Stories.

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