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Latest forex news forecasts for october

Real-Time Market news Use the “Category” box at the bottom of the table, or the “Search” box on the right, to filter headlines and news. REAL TIME FOREX TRADING NEWS The real-time forex trading news feed of FX Trader Magazineallows traders and investors to follow all the latest market developments, and havea comprehensive overview and insight of the global currency markets. PROFESSIONAL NEWS WIRE The service is built in partnership with a global network latest forex news forecasts for october professional FX journalists and market specialists.

Expert analysts convey the key currency market moving news and events in the shortest format as possible. The news service automatically removesall the unnecessary market noise in order to deliver only accurate, high quality, forexmarket related news in a truly trader friendly format. The real-time news service is used by professionalforex traders on the trading desks of the major financial organizations. You can also search the table in the Search Box to search for specific keywords and updates. 32-ounce bottles of Pepto-Bismol prominently displayed on their desks.

We can successfully put men on the moon. We can perform open heart surgery. We can map the human genome. So why is it so hard to stay on the right side of financial markets? We may know the odds, but that doesn’t stop mainstream culture from fanning the flames of blind hope in a bull market that can’t quit. It’s not rocket science: Emotion is the number one enemy of successful trading. Which means the number one ally is UN-emotional, objective market analysis that doesn’t focus on the news, or which way the crowd is running.