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Profit and loss forex network

145 a month forex scam reboot? Promotion of Copy Profit Success Global, also known as CPS Global, began in late 2017. As of yet CPS Global doesn’t appear to have a public website. Promotion for the company primarily occurs through Copy Profit Success Global branded social profit and loss forex network accounts.

CPS Global marketing material doing the rounds reveals Santiago is joined by co-founder Joe Otis. Joel Santiago first appeared on BehindMLM as CEO and President of Volishon in 2015. Volishon combined pyramid recruitment with access to discount travel. Despite attempts to resuscitate the business with an updated compensation plan, Volishon nonetheless went on to collapse.

I felt it prudent to provide further insight. I’ve ever been a part of, and this will be the last one as well. Read on for a full review of the Copy Profit Success MLM opportunity. We have some of the BEST Forex traders in the world with over 25 years experience. Whether or not the education platform is sold to retail customers is unclear. I’ve only seen it referred to interchangeably with CPS Global affiliate membership. Commissions are paid when they recruit others who do the same.

Copy Profit Success Global Affiliate Ranks There are fourteen affiliate ranks within the Copy Profit Success Global compensation plan. These three positions form the first level of the matrix. Levels three to nine of the matrix are generated in the same manner, with each new level housing three times as many positions as the previous level. Positions in the matrix are filled via direct and indirect recruitment of CPS Global affiliates. Note that to qualify for residual recruitment commissions, each CPS Global affiliate must personally recruit at least three affiliates.

The above ranks must be maintained for at least 90 days before the Rank Achievement Bonus is rewarded. Note that at the time of publication the Rank Achievement Bonus for Elite 1 and higher are not provided. This suggests that shares in each Global Bonus Pool are based on the amount of personally recruited affiliates each qualifying affiliate has. Conclusion One of the core problems Volishon had was a disconnect between the company’s product and its compensation plan. Volishon affiliates signed up, could ignore the company’s products and earn by recruiting new affiliates. Copy Profit Success Global is a continuation of this model, only third-party discount travel has been switched out for a forex trading platform. Specifics of Copy Profit Success Global’s provided signals and traders are suspiciously scarce.

My research into why this is started with Rey Dinero Alecio. In mid 2017 Alecio was promoting Copy Profit Share. I’ve come across multiple sources claiming Korof was just a hired fall guy to front the scheme. I’ll just leave that thread there. By mid 2017 Copy Profit Share was on its third reboot, which seems to have been short-lived. 10,000 a month before the scheme collapsed. Within a few hours of this review going live Rey Alecio deleted the referenced Facebook live stream.

July 2017 was ten months ago, or roughly around the time Joel Santiago claims to have started beta testing for Copy Profit Success Global. The timeline fits too perfectly for any of this to be a coincidence. Copy Profit Share collapses, Santiago reboots it as his own company and brings on Mills as Master Distributor, fresh off his TVC Matrix partnership loss. I suspect much of what’s out there will quietly disappear following publication of this review. In any event, Copy Profit Success Global is practically a 1:1 clone of Copy Profit Share.