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Rolltex forex bureau uganda management

Bakaal Express Money Transfer Services Limited 1B – 11 Malinga Road, Mengo, Kisenyi, Kampala. Cosmopolitan Forex Bureau Ltd – P. La-Cedri Forex Rolltex forex bureau uganda management 2 – Dr. 5 percent of the foreign exchange bureaus are located outside Kampala.

6 percent are located within Kampala, the capital, or in its suburbs. This page was last edited on 15 March 2018, at 12:53. A person shall not transact business as a forex bureau without a valid license issued by the Bank of Uganda under these Regulations. REGISTRAR of companies at URSB whose main object is to conduct foreign exchange bureau business.

If the Forex bureau is to be owned by aparticular bank, it must be registered as a wholly owned subsidiary of the bank in issue. Have a bank statement for the period of six months reflecting your cash transaction preceding the submission of the application if you do not own A BANK account, if you do not have one kindly open one with any bank of your choice. Forex bureau and must be conveniently accessible to the public. B of the regulations mentioned above.

Have a proposed list directors, shareholders and management in general who must be individuals of sound repute and integrity with the necessary qualifications and competence required to operate Forex bureau business. Prepare business and financial plans of the proposed Forex bureau. Certify the company’s certificate of incorporation. Resister with Registrar of Companies at URSB the resolution of the board of directors of the proposed Forex bureau authorizing the application and submission of the application for a license to bank of Uganda. Certify three copies of the memorandum and articles of association of the applicant company applying for the license to conduct Forex bureau business. Prepare the curriculum vitae of each of the applicant’s proposed shareholders and management team. Make the application for Forex Bureau License in duplicate as per Form A specified in Schedule 2 to the Regulations mentioned above by filling in accordingly in duplicate.