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Is It ronan lynch bitcoin stock Again For U. This is a guest post  by Allan Flynn, specialist researcher in aspects of gold and silver. Smith, and Andre Flotron of UBS AG. The traders are indicted with multiple offences including spoofing, manipulation and attempted manipulation of the precious metals futures market.

6 million were issued to Deutsche Bank, UBS AG and HSBC. Smith, although implicated by the alleged actions of its subsidiaries traders, has not been sanctioned. The agencies said traders placing genuine orders to buy or sell and concurrently huge opposite spoof orders to present a false picture of supply or demand. Other traders were thus tricked into accepting the genuine orders at prices favourable to the manipulators. The spoof orders being placed far enough away from the current price to safeguard against their actual execution were then swiftly cancelled.

By correlating details among multiple court documents and public sources it has been possible, with a high degree of certainty, to match the sample chats provided with the indicted traders, and banks they worked for. Trader F, as CFTC UBS Orders name, dominated the world of precious metals spoofing at UBS, appearing in nine of 12 manipulation samples listed in the CFTC UBS AG Orders, seven of which involve David Liew, Deutsche Bank informant. While the regulators describe four UBS traders as involved in the scandal, they currently seek a jury trial for only one. While still at the SBC precious metals desk, the corporation amalgamated with the Union Bank of Switzerland becoming UBS AG in 1999.

In over 15 years at UBS, the 55 year old worked two stints each in Zurich and Stamford. In addition to trading, he held also managerial and training responsibilities until January, 2014, when placed on leave from Zurich following an internal investigation. An FBI affidavit describes how from July, 2008, Flotron mentored a new UBS employee in the art of spoofing. UBS precious metals desk in Singapore. 1 is now assisting the FBI investigation in return for immunity from prosecution.

5 million in gold over a 2. Sometimes the traders could move COMEX much more. As a post-spoof chat shows, the technique and camaraderie bore a strong semblance to computer gaming. I just dotn have the time to do it. Besides helping each other achieve better than market prices, the Deutsche Bank traders helped UBS traders and traders from another global financial institution, Bank of America Merrill Lynch. One of the traders worked directly for two of the banks. Edward Bases was a metals tough guy.

Bear Sterns, gave him some trading bristle. The era of floor trading in commodities and stocks was coming to an end when Bases departed Deutsche Bank for Bank of America Merrill Lynch in June, 2010. There, as he reminisced with a UBS trader in 2015, he was already a formidable spoofer in the pits long before he clicked his way to wealth at Deutsche Bank. At the trading desk as on the floor, when extra muscle was required to move prices Bases strong-armed it. 22 million in gold, which he cancelled two seconds later. The spoofing methods and amounts could be tweaked depending which market participants were being targeted.